What Survival Chapter Contains

Final specs are big and we are working hard to complete all those. Right now we have completed a survival chapter (which is like a single mission), it has following features included -


  1. Extensive base building - you can build bases with lots of blocks for design purpose and lots of block providing the power and lighting. Defense blocks are provided for PvE purposes.

  2. Mission system - however mission system is in very early stages, you are given vectors to follow to understand the game, later when it will mature mission systems will have RPG like animations and characters along with many alien races with their own agenda.

  3. Resource Gathering - there are lots of resources to find on every island and even under water.

  4. Large Planet - almost 20 sq km of planet to discover and collect resources from, survival chapter is set on a water planet, but water is not empty there are lots of resources there too along with animals in water. Do hunt them.

  5. Scavenging - there are lots of empty bases on the planet, dismantle them to collect resources.

  6. Hunting - you can find land animals or water animals and hunt them using guns you get or fabricate.