Space Exploration

In antarix, space is divided in sectors, each sector having structure similar to a solar system, with one or more star in center and planets and moons in orbits. There can be space stations, asteroid stations and even bases made by other players in a sector. Community builds like trading hubs or warp gates can be present too. Lot of stories and things are hidden in each sector, mostly in form of artifacts, each having its own story. there will be no mention of such things, will mostly be like easter eggs. each having its own rewards.

Players can travel to all of those locations using their Ships. They can have ships either bought from the sector market using the earned in game currency, or build one of their own using building blocks. Player build ships and bases can be shared directly from in-game or can be sold on the market to earn lots of currency, if you ship build is amazing it can even be auctioned in a sector auction.



Solar systems are hand crafted from the server side to provide story to the missions/campaign available by the mission system. Players will be provided a option to submit mission stories and selected stories will be made as game missions. Having  handcrafted solar systems gives easy access to locations to craft stories from.