Mission System

We are working on a dynamic and scalable modular mission system for some time now. Hoping to get it working for some part during early access. Main core of this is a script based editor where devs can make a level, Navpoints, story text, quest givers all inside the editor and can easily play that inside the game, then the editor generates a code that can be saved on server to be available as a mission that can be assigned from a sector space station or some other asteroid base to complete and get lot of fun out of it. Missions will be of three types -

  1. Single player missions - these are simple types of missions like assassination, resource gathering and bounty collection, helping a squad to win on a mission etc. these missions are done to collect in game currency and experience.

  2. Community missions - these missions will look like single player missions but will be difficult and will require some strategy and preparation to complete. And when you will win such a mission it will be counted a single win but mission will not be marked complete, when lots of players will complete such a mission then after a certain number of wins that mission will be marked completed and everyone who played the mission and won will get the rewards. You have to go to community manager on any space station to collect those rewards. Example of a community mission

    1. There is a bug infestation on a moon. You went there and completed the mission by killing some bugs. It completes the mission for you but bug are not going to leave that easy, however if 100 players did same mission bugs will feel the heat them and leave that moon, removing bug infestation from there. However if mission is failed that moon will always be infested unless a new mission later is added to remove them.

Multiplayer Mission - multiplayer is not yet planned but we have that in docs for sure, if we will get support, multiplayer will be completed and then multiplayer missions will be available where a player can accept a mission and invite your friends to complete this mission with your friends as for a single player these type of missions are not easy to complete.